Traditional Jersey - Seminole

Traditional Jersey - Seminole

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The traditional camp tribe jersey in short sleeve. This is a classic cotton material.

Tribal clothing and tribal accessories are available for all campers prior to arrival at camp. Every camper will need two tribe jerseys. Starting this summer we will be using new tribe names and jerseys, but returning boys are welcome to wear either. These orders will be delivered to the campers bed on the first night of camp, after initiation. Campers will also have the opportunity to shop at the camp store throughout their session.

Shipping Options:

  • Standard Shipping - Items ship within 3-5 business days.
    • First year campers are unable to order tribal items for standard shipping, but may choose ‘Opening Day Delivery’ for delivery on the first night of camp.
  • Opening Day Delivery - Items ordered 72-hours ahead of your camper's arrival date will be delivered to their bunk on the first night of camp. Items ordered after the 72-hour window may be delivered late.